Egypt Tour Packages 12 days Cairo, Eminya, Asuit , Sohag and Nile Cruise

  • 12 Days
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Egypt where the civilizations were begun

Program Egypt Tour Packages 12 Days King Akhenaton Holiday
Duration: 11 Nights / 12 Days
Destinations covered: Cairo» Fayoum » El Minya » Assuit » Abydos » Nie Cruise » Cairo
(03 nights in Cairo » 02 nights in El Minya  » 01 night in Abydos »01 night in Luxor » 04 nights on Nile Cruise)

The Beaten Track to the Treasures of Egypt

No doubt that Egypt is the world biggest outdoor museum of Ancient History. Have you heard of pharaohs, mummies, or sphinx? Or watched “The Mummy” before? If you did, you will relate all this to one word: Egypt. Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the whole world. And as a matter of fact, lots of its mysteries are still uncovered and unexplained.   Join me to experience Egypt and feel like royalty with the messenger of civilizations Khaled Abbass

Experience Egypt and feel like royalty only with Khaled Abbass Tour Guide

  • Arrival at Cairo Airport where you will meet and be assisted by our representative. Then, get transferred to your hotel and enjoy dinner.
    Overnight at the hotel in Cairo.
    Meals: Dinner.
  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in the morning before starting your pyramid tour where you will visit the Great Pyramids of Giza: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, Valley Temple and the Sphinx. You will have lunch at a local restaurant. Not far away lies the Necropolis of Saqqara where the ruins of the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, the first Pyramid ever built, stands. Have a lovely dinner at a fine seafood restaurant on the Nile.
    Overnight at your hotel in Cairo.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • You will explore Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets, by starting the tour with Al Darb Al Ahmar, the area south of Cairo's city walls; between Bab Zuweila and the Citadel, was initially the site of Fatimid and Ayyubid-era cemeteries. Under the prosperous reign of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad (between 1293 and 1341), the population of the city reached its peak and the area began to be developed in earnest. After that you will visit Salah El Din Citadel, the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, then proceed to Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrasa which is considered Stylistically the most compact and unified of all Cairo monuments. Then, you will visit the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun ; this mosque is considered to be the third large mosque built in Egypt. It is characterized by its spacious hall (saha), its unique spiral minaret and a large collection of gypsum decoration. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.
  • You will have an early departure to be driven from Cairo to Fayoum, 60 km from Cairo. You will visit Lake Qaroun and then proceed to the National park of Wadi Rayan where we visit the Water Falls, Gabal Al Modawara and the Wales Cemetery. Enjoy a picnic Lunch. Later, you will head to El Minya and upon arrival, you will be transferred to Grand Aton El Minya hotel for check-in.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • You will visit the necropolis of Tuna El Gabal, which includes many important elements such as the crypts of baboons and Ibis that actually represent the god Thoth, the tomb of Isadora, the tomb of the priest Pet-osiers, the old water wheel and the boundary stele of the city of the Aton. Proceed to Al Ashmunien, the ancient city of Hermopolis, where you will visit the open museum with the two colossal baboon statues and the ruins of the basilica church with its Rose granite columns. Then, proceed to the site of Beni Hasan, eastern bank of the Nile. There you will visit the unique rock-cut tombs with its scenes depicting local and regional life during the Middle Kingdom. Many of these have scenes of wrestling and military training.
    Overnight at the hotel.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • After breakfast, you will be driven to Tell Al Amarna, the capital of Akhnaton, where you will explore the city, the northern and the southern tombs, the ruins of the palace and temples and finally the royal tomb. Then, you will go to Assuit city to visit Al Muharraq Monastery, 48 kilometers north of Assiut. The Holy Family stayed there for 6 months and 10 days, the longest period spent at any single site, and then you will head to Meir Village which was the functioning cemetery for Cusae, located in Egypt, approximately thirty to forty miles north of the city of Assuit. Meir functioned as an Old Kingdom-Middle Kingdom (6th-12th Dynasty) cemetery for the nomarchs of the fourteenth Nome of Upper Egypt. Below the hillside of the rock-cut tombs lies a cemetery that is specifically for the more common folk. The rock-cut tombs only functioned for nomarchs of the city of Cusae, which was a cult center for the Egyptian deity Hathor. Last, you will be driven to Abydos.
    Overnight at Abydos.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • You will visit Fortress Shonet El Zebeeb, the first building in the history, then you visit the temple of Seti the first. It is considered the most beautiful temple in Egypt. The temple was built by Seti I and was finished by his son Ramesses II after his father's death. It contains the best-coloured high Reliefs in Egypt and Abydos King List, showing the cartouche name of many dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from the first, Narmer or Menes, until Ramses himself. Then, after enjoy a lovely lunch, you will be driven to the complex of Dandara temple where you will visit Hatour Temple, the goddess of love, music and dancing. You will have the chance to explore the Temple Elements, the decorated ceiling with its beautiful colored astronomical drawings, the replica of the Egyptian Zodiac and the crypts. After your visit, you will travel to Luxor.
    Overnight in Luxor.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Upon arrival, you will be met and assisted by our representative who will transfer you to your Nile Cruise. After lunch, you will be taken to visit the magnificent Karnak and Luxor Temples. Karnak Temple
    The Complex of Karnak Temples
    Built over two millennia between the years of around 2200 and 360 BCE, Karnak is a massive Ancient Egyptian temple complex that was one of the country's most important places of worship under the rules of Hatshepsut, Seti I, Ramesses II and Ramesses III. As well as the dominating Temple of Amun-Ra, Karnak is also made up of smaller chapels and sanctuaries dedicated to other deities, as well as grand halls, docks, a sacred lake. and pylons - the monumental gateways that mark temple entrances.:
    The Temple of Luxor
    Luxor Temple, Ipet‑resyt “Southern Sanctuary” to the ancient Egyptians, was so called because of its location within ancient Thebes (modern Luxor). It is located around three kilometers to the south of Karnak Temple, to which it was once linked with a processional way bordered with sphinxes. The oldest evidence for this temple dates to the Eighteenth Dynasty.
    Karnak Temple Impressive Sound and Light Show Tour (free visit)
    Among the bewitching activities that you can enjoy in the miraculous city, “Luxor” is attending the breathtaking Sound and Light show which is arranged in Karnak temple Complex and it is considered an hour and half hour spectacular Hollywood style extravaganza. The site there recounts the great history of Thebes “The ancient Capital” as Karnak Temple was mainly constructed to honor the god Amun. The most interesting thing to do is to walk through that great temple at night and witness the real glory of ancient architecture.
    Now our representative will take you back to your Nile Cruise in Luxor to finish your unforgettable day trip.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • In the beautiful morning and after having your delicious breakfast our tour guide will meet you to take you to enjoy a journey in the west bank of Luxor where you will visit:
    The Valley of the Kings
    The rulers of the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Dynasties of Egypt’s prosperous New Kingdom (c.1550–1069 BC) were buried in a desolate dry river valley across the river from the ancient city of Thebes (modern Luxor), hence its modern name of the Valley of the Kings. This moniker is not entirely accurate, however, since some members of the royal family aside from the king were buried here as well, as were a few non-royal, albeit very high-ranking, individuals.
    The Temple of Hatshepsut
    Hatshepsut (c.1473–1458 BC), the queen who became Pharaoh, built a magnificent temple at Deir al-Bahari, on the west back of Luxor. It lies directly across the Nile from Karnak Temple, the main sanctuary of the god Amun. Hatshepsut’s temple, Djeser-djeseru “the Holy of Holies” was designed by the chief steward of Amun, Senenmut.
    The Colossi of Memnon
    These two faceless colossi (the plural of colossus, which just means larger-than-life statue) are the first thing visitors see when they reach the west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor. This isn't surprising when you hear their dimensions: they tower 60 feet (18 m) above the plains and are estimated to weigh an enormous 720 tons each.
    Once your visit to these ancient Theban Temples is complete you will return to the boat for your lunch, and then you can watch as it departs Luxor and sails for Esna. As the Nile flows gently underneath you, dinner will be served.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • You can enjoy an early breakfast, while the cruise boat crosses the Esna lock to the city of Esna. Once the boat is moored you will visit the best-preserved temple in Egypt: The Temple of Horus.
    Edfu Temple
    Built during the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 237 and 57 BC, the Temple of Horus at Edfu is generally regarded to be the best-preserved of the Ancient Egyptian sanctuaries. For 200 years, the structure was buried under almost 40 feet (12 metres) of desert sand and silt from the Nile, which incredibly helped to conserve it to near-perfection.
    After your visit to this superb temple, you will be taken back to the boat for your lunch while it sails onward to Kom Ombo. Enjoy sun bathing and tea time on the deck of the Cruise. Once a shore you will visit the Temple of Kom Ombo
    Kom Ombo Temple
    The temple is unique for its dedication to two different deities: the local crocodile-headed god Sobek, and the first "god of the Kingdom", the falcon-headed god Horus the Elder (also called Haroeris). This double dedication was deliberate. Not only is it architecturally duplicated, with two sets of courts, hypostyle halls and sanctuaries, the twin temple is symbolic of the local and Universalist themes that the two different deities represented.
    After this great visit you will return back to the cruise for your dinner being served as it sails majestically towards Aswan.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • A new day on board starts with breakfast, and then you will be driven to see the High Dam, the worlds largest rock filled dam, and the Temple of Philae moved to the island of Agilika after the waters of Lake Nasser flooded its original location. At the end of your tour drive back to rejoin your cruise for lunch. After lunch, we will have a felucca ride in the Nile and visit the Botanical Island and the Nubian Village.
    Aswan High Dam
    At Aswan High Dam, you’ll hear from your tour guide the whole story of its construction and how it helped the Egyptians a lot to improve their economic and social state. Then, you’ll move to witness the miraculous:
    The Unfinished Obelisk
    The Unfinished Obelisk was supposed to be standing in front of Hatshepsut Temple but some cracks happened to it which leads Queen Hatshepsut to order her men to move it to Aswan and it is characterized with its majestic size.
    Philae Temples
    Philae Temple was constructed in 690 B.C and it had been relocated with the help of the UNESCO because it was in great danger from the High & Low Dams of Aswan. It was dedicated to goddess Isis.
    The Nubian Village & The Botanical Island
    Discover the colorful culture of Nubia, one of Africa's oldest civilizations, traveling by felucca sailboat or modern motorboat, you'll meet locals, visit a traditional house, drink tea, and have free time to explore villages independently while Kitchener’s Island, to the west of Elephantine Island, was given to Lord Horatio Kitchener in the 1890s when he was commander of the Egyptian army. Kitchener turned the entire island into the stunning Aswan Botanical Gardens, importing plants from the Far East, India and parts of Africa.
    After this great visit you will be transferred to Aswan Airport to catch your flight back to Cairo where you will be met upon arrival and get transferred to your hotel for your last night in the Land of Pharaohs.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Your final day starts with breakfast at the hotel followed by check-out. You will then be transferred to the airport for your final departure.
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Experience
    • Highlights
    • 01 Welcome to Egypt
      02 Giza Pyramids – The Sphinx – The Valley Temple – Saqqara Pyramid – Memphis
      03 Sightseeing in Cairo
      04 Traveling to Fayoum & El Minya
      05 Sightseeing in El Minya
      06 Visit Amarna & Assuit
      07 Abydos, Dandara & Luxor
      08 Karnak and Luxor Temples
      09 The west Bank of Luxor
      10 Edfu and Kom Ombo
      11 Aswan Day Tour
      12 Fly back home
    • Includes
    • Package rate includes:
      Meet and greet service by our representatives at airports.
      Assistance of our guest relations during your stay.
      All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle.
      Accommodation for 3 nights in Cairo including breakfast and dinner
      Accommodation for 2 night in El Minya including breakfast and dinner
      Accommodation for 1 night in Abydos, Sohag including breakfast and dinner
      Accommodation for 1 night in Luxor, including breakfast and dinner
      Accommodation for 4 nights on board 5 star Cruise including breakfast, lunch and dinner
      All the sightseeing tours as mentioned in the itinerary (Private Guided Tours).
      All sightseeing tours on the Cruise sharing Cruise group
      Entrance fees to all sites as indicated on the itinerary.
      Meals as mentioned in the above itinerary.
      Flight from Aswan to Cairo
      Bottled water during outings outside of hotel or cruise ship.
      Portage when needed.
      All service charges and taxes.
    • Package rate excludes:
      International Airfare
      Entry visa to Egypt
      Any optional tours
      Personal expenses like drinks during meals, laundry, phone calls…etc

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